Money Movers Payment Acceptance System

Irreplaceble opportunity for online shops!

Money Movers Payment Acceptance System

It is not a secret that nowadays people increasingly use internet to get some product or a service. Regarding this circumstances, shops appropriately enhance investments in building product/service sales infrastructure with several electronic tools. The basic part of these investments are profited on integration of payment methods and services.

To cover the whole spectrum of potential consumers, online shop should make large-scale integration of payment methods, which needs additional time and charges.

According to all written above, company Money Movers has created Money Movers Payment Acceptance System that allows online shops to get about 170 payment methods worldwide with making just one integration. This means, MMPAS activation instantly gives your customers opportunity to pay in the most comfortable and desirable way.

Money Movers Payment Acceptance System, with modern standards and protection systems, is based according to the current demand on international market.

How MMPAS works?

MMPAS Methods

MM Invoicing
Webmoney WMZ
Webmoney WMR
Webmoney WME
Qiwi RUB
Qiwi USD
Qiwi EUR
Webmoney WMU

Our Merchants

Benefits of our system for merchant compared to other similar systems:

About 170 Georgian and foreign payment methods;
Low tariffs;
Modern and flexible control panel;
Ability of working in 4 currencies;
Daily statistics;
The largest network of self-service terminals in Georgia and other countries;
Visa/MasterCard payments;
Modern protection and security systems;
First united payment system;
6-year experience of operating on Georgian market.

Partnership with Payment Systems

Company Money Movers daily researches for new payment channels and integrates them in MMPAS. If you are representative/owner of e-wallet or any other payment instruments, and have desire to integrate your system in MMPAS, our team is always ready to connect our systems in the shortest time.

What do you get with integration?

As soon as integration completes, every customer of each online shop, involved in the system, will be able to use your payment channels;


You don’t have to connect to each shop separately, sign the contracts with them and make further manipulations – wasting your time and money;


You become a competitive player on the market from the first day.


nexus 5

100 USD


69 GEL


69 EUR


69 RUB